Jana von Stein

Research Faculty


Adjunct Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science


Ph.D. 2006 University of California, Los Angeles (Political Science)


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Department of Political Science, University of Michigan
6567 Haven Hall, 505 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1045

Phone: 734–764–6154
Fax: 734–764–3522
Email: janavs@umich.edu

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Jana von Stein's broad areas of research and teaching interest are international cooperation and institutions, treaty commitment and compliance, and statistical methods. In a series of articles, Jana examines when/why states make international legal commitments and when/why they comply. Each article covers one area of international cooperation: monetary affairs (the International Monetary Fund Agreement), human rights (child labor and women's wage equality agreements) and environmental affairs (the international climate change regime). More recently, Jana has become particularly interested in the international law and politics of human rights.

Selected publications. Please also see Jana von Stein’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)...

Kirschner, S. and J. von Stein, The Pieces of Peacemaking: Understanding Implementation of Civil War Settlements. Civil wars, 2009. 11(3): p. 279.

von Stein, J., The International Law and Politics of Climate Change. Journal of conflict resolution, 2008. 52(2): p. 243.

Hafner-Burton, E.M., J. von Stein, and E. Gartzke, International Organizations Count. Journal of conflict resolution, 2008. 52(2): p. 175.

von Stein, J., Do Treaties Constrain or Screen? Selection Bias and Treaty Compliance. The American Political Science Review, 2005. 99(4): p. 611-622.