University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research


DACD and its subcommittees sponsor several kinds of events and programs to highlight diversity issues and to build community at ISR. DACD-sponsored activities have included:

  • Movies on social justice issues, including Crash, North Country, and Milk, held at the Michigan Theater
  • Book discussions (ISR Reads) on social justice topics
  • "Getting to Know You" events over lunch with a facilitator to build connections among staff
  • Women's issues events, including a presentation by the director of the University's Center for Education of Women
  • Poverty awareness events, including a panel discussion and a display of what people eat around the world
  • Common interest groups in which staff come together around themes and hobbies
  • Celebrations such as the winter parties for information sharing and building community
  • Bulletin boards and posters for raising awareness

In addition, together with others at ISR, DACD supports a periodic Climate Survey to gauge attitudes and the overall workplace climate at ISR. Such surveys have been carried out in 1999, 2006, and 2008. The latest one was released in March 2012.

Building Community

Perspectives, a subcommittee of the Directorís Advisory Committee on Diversity (DACD), plans and executes programs and events designed to build a spirit of community at ISR, to raise awareness about important social issues, and to foster respect for one anotherís diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. One of the ongoing programs that many of you may already be familiar with is the Common Interest Groups, which are open to all members of the ISR community and includes groups such as ISR Reads, ISR Vegetarians, a photo club, and many more.

This Fall and Winter, Perspectives will be sponsoring or co-sponsoring several new initiatives aimed at building community here within ISR.

Getting to Know ISR provides an opportunity to learn more about the many programs, projects, and centers at the Institute. It kicked off its first event on Thursday, November 8, from 11 AM to 12 PM in room 6050 ISR-Thompson, These events will pair information sessions on some of the other activities around ISR with time to meet fellow members of the Institute community. Light refreshments will be provided, and while all members of the community are invited, those staff, faculty, post-docs, and graduate students who have joined in the last few years are especially encouraged.

Know Your Floor addresses the issue that with construction commencing earlier this fall, many of us may be sharing tighter quarters from time to time during the next 18 months. This has highlighted the fact that some of us may have yet to meet our colleagues in the wings or even bays nearby, even if we exchange pleasantries in the halls. Throughout the next few months, Perspectives will be co-sponsoring floor coffee breaks with the Directorís Office as part of the Know Your Floor initiative. While many of us are inclined to take coffee and pastries and then return to our work, we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to meet some of your neighbors. Take a few moments to learn several new names and something interesting about your colleagues.

We look forward to our continued mission to build a spirit of community at ISR. If you have questions or suggestions, you can reach Perspectives at

Future Know Your Floor Schedule

  • November 13 -- ISR-Thompson Basement and 1st Floor
  • November 27 -- ISR-Perry Basement, Ground and 1st Floors (New Addition Side)
  • December 4 -- ISR-Thompson 2nd Floor
  • December 11 -- ISR-Perry 1st (Original Side) and 2nd (New Addition Side) Floors
  • January 8 -- ISR-Thompson 3rd Floor
  • January 15 -- ISR-Perry 2nd (Original Side) and 3rd (New Addition Side) Floors
  • February 14 -- ISR-Thompson 4th Floor