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James jackson  

I hope that all of you are enjoying summer, and taking time out from your busy schedules to relax and enjoy life with your families and friends. We have completed another busy award season, with scores of young scholars receiving support from a wide array of ISR funds designed to support the Next Generation of research scholars. One of these young scholars is Sarah Mills, the first winner of the first Robert and Judy Marans/Kan and Lillian Chen Fellowship in Sustainability and Survey Methodology.

As you’ll learn from the profile and video below, Mills is conducting some fascinating and innovative research on farmland conservation using survey data.

Also in this issue, you’ll read about some of the latest research findings by ISR faculty, and you’ll learn about recent events at home and around the world that connect ISR scholars, supporters and alums.

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Sarah Mills  

Sarah Mills, the first winner of the Robert and Judy Marans/Kan and Lillian Chen Fellowship in Sustainability and Survey Methodology, is studying how wind turbines can help protect Midwest farmland. Read an article and watch a video about her research.

Photo credit: Eva Menezes

Productivity? For Brady West, it’s a slam dunk.
Read about West, winner of the 2012 Charles Cannell Fund in Survey Methodology.


Research News

Research news  

OMG!! Texting boosts truthfulness. A new iPhone study suggests you should text, not phone, if you want an honest answer to a sensitive question. Learn about the study’s intriguing results.

Photo credit: Thinkstock

One in five American families are underwater with debt. Read more about the implications for U.S. economic recovery.

How religion helps reduce cuckoldry. Read about which religious practices promote confidence about paternity.



Rep. John Dingel  

Monitoring the Future grant draws attention to the value of this continuing study of American youth. Read more about the grant and the June visit to ISR of Rep. John Dingell.

Photo credit: Eva Menezes

“Hopes and Challenges” conference in Warsaw celebrates the 20-year collaboration between ISR and ISS. Read more and see photos from the event.


In the News

Brooke Helppie McFall  

Consumer Affairs, CBS News, and other media reported on a study by Brooke Helppie McFall showing how the Great Recession affected retirement decisions. Read more about the study.

Photo credit: Brooke Helppie McFall

USA Today and many other news media covered a study showing that parents play favorites in giving financial support to college-age kids. The study was based on an analysis of data from ISR’s long-running Panel Study of Income Dynamics. Read more about the study.




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