From the Director: DEI Year One Update

Dear ISR Community,

As the first year of implementing the Institute for Social Research’s (ISR) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan comes to a close, I am proud of all the Institute has accomplished.

In addition to progress on many other strategic objectives that is underway, the ISR DE&I Implementation Committee has:

  • launched a streamlined ISR DE&I page on the intranet,
  • developed a series of Training on DE&I issues,
  • added a diversity statement to all ISR job postings and lengthened the required time for jobs to be posted to allow for more applicants,
  • held a town hall for students, training faculty and staff that discussed DE&I efforts and shared recruitment goals and processes,
  • developed the Accommodations and Accessibility Policy for ISR Events and examined the issue of accessibility access of research products,
  • expanded the staff participation in the University-wide climate survey to include ISR contingent employees, and
  • developed new relationships with undergraduate programs to forge a pipeline of new research assistants and students for our training and degree programs.

These efforts would not have been successful without the diligent work of the ISR Implementation Lead Sarah Burgard and Implementation Coordinators Jane Ballo and Tara Engholm. The work done by the DE&I Implementation Committee – Rita Bantom, Philippa Clarke, Derek Moss, Yioryos Nardis, Sharan Sharma, Marlene Smith, Robert Taylor – and the members of the Director’s Advisory Committee on Diversity was invaluable.

ISR is committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive organization so that we can learn from one another to sustain and continually revitalize our research and training activities. We would not have been successful without the engagement of the entire ISR community.

I look forward to the exciting plans for year two. For more information visit the DE&I intranet page. Ask questions or give feedback using the DE&I form or anonymous feedback can be left in the feedback box in the ISR Thompson Atrium.



David Lam
Director, Institute for Social Research
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Michigan; 734-763-2491