Next Generation Fellowships and Awards 2019

The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR) recently awarded more than $250,000 to graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and early career faculty researchers as part of the Institute’s Next Generation Initiative to foster innovative social science research and nurture the next generation of social scientists.Block M ISR Next Generation Initiative

The ISR Next Generation Initiative consists of 35 donor funded awards made throughout the calendar year, most of them honoring ISR Founders or other instrumental researchers in the Institute’s history. The Initiative is entirely donor funded, with an endowment of over $11 million. It provides the students and early career researchers the opportunity to work with ISR’s distinguished faculty and staff, to conduct research of their own design, or to participate in career building activities.

Following are some highlights regarding this year’s awards. Please click on the links below to read about each scholar:

Tia Clinton, Kahn Fellow : Bernice Castillo, Bachman Scholar : Davis Daumler, Morgan Fellow


All 2019 ISR Next Generation Scholars