Berenice Castillo, 2019 Bachman Fellow

Berenice Castillo

The Jerald and Virginia Bachman Research Fellowship aims to support a graduate student looking to examine patterns and changes in the lifestyles and values of American youth and young adults, using Monitoring the Future (MTF) data. Virginia “Ginny” Bachman passed away within the last year, though the fellowship shall continue her commitment to supporting graduate students using the MTF to which Jerry has dedicated his career.

This year, Berenice Castillo, a Ph.D. candidate in Social Work and Psychology, was awarded the Fellowship. Her research focuses on identifying the mechanisms and disparities of ethnically diverse youth, particularly Hispanics, who engage in substance use or externalizing and internalizing behaviors. She hopes to help inform the development of more efficacious intervention efforts that target the health and well being of American youth, particularly Hispanics, who currently account for 25% of K-12 youth in the U.S.

Jerald and Virginia Bachman Research Fellowship on Change in American Youth

*There was a mistake in our announcement email that listed Shanice Battle as the Bachman Scholar. Shanice is the 2019 Campbell Scholar. We apologize for the mistake.