Shanice Battle, 2019 Campbell Scholar

Shanice Battle

The Angus Campbell Scholars Fund was established by his family and the Survey Research Center to honor him and to further the wide array of research that characterized his distinguished career. The Award provides research awards to University of Michigan Graduate Students who are conducting research dealing with quality of life and psychological well-being. Relevant topics include measurement and determinants such as work, marriage, family life, health, and place, as well as political behavior and identification, across gender and/or race, in the United States or internationally.

This year, the Campbell Award recipient is Shanice Battle, a graduate student in the Epidemiology Department in the U-M School of Public Health. Her research, entitled, “Structural Predictors of Depression Outcomes in Black Women,” focuses on discovering new ways to describe, measure and understand the impact of structural factors on mental health, seeking to develop a new way of measuring exposure to discrimination that does not rely on perception and investigate its utility in predicting depression outcomes. Shanice is also a trainee in the Social Environment and Health group at the Institute for Social Research.

The Angus Campbell Scholars Fund

*There was a mistake in our announcement email that listed Shanice Battle as the Bachman Scholar. Berenice Castillo is the 2019 Bachman Scholar. We apologize for the mistake.