About ISR Giving

At ISR, we believe that high quality, nonpartisan, rigorous social science research is vital for understanding the complex processes and trends that define our social world. ISR is home to some of the most widely cited and influential studies in the world—providing data on teen drug and alcohol use, family economics and wealth transfer, voting behavior, aging and retirement, racial inequity, and consumer confidence.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, discoveries are most likely to occur on the boundaries between academic disciplines. As a result, ISR’s interdisciplinary approach to social research is more important than ever in shaping the understanding of scholars, informing the decisions of leaders in the public and private sectors, and improving the lives of individuals and communities across the globe.

Throughout more than seven decades of groundbreaking research, ISR has led the way for progress. Your partnership represents a commitment to 1) creating and sharing the highest quality social research, 2) building a critical bridge between theory and action, and 3) empowering well-positioned experts to do high-risk, high-reward research. An investment in ISR will enable our teams to embark on new and innovative research to address the salient and pressing issues facing our nation and others around the world.

To learn about ISR’s most timely philanthropic priorities, please see our Current Initiatives.

Please contact us to discuss your philanthropic goals. We would be thrilled to learn about your visions for research and training support at ISR.


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