Data Activism

Improving our world through data stewardship

ISR is a global leader in data stewardship and providing rich data resources for present and future generations. In an increasingly data-driven world, ISR seeks to make data more accessible, more useful, and more understandable. Good data is the foundation of good research. Without these vital curation efforts, millions of pieces of data would go without organization, description, cleaning, enhancement, and preservation for public use, rendering them virtually unusable and greatly hindering the course of scientific advancement.

More than any one project or study, ISR’s model of data stewardship shares vital information with social researchers around the world, fostering a communal, equitable approach to scientific advancement. Now, donors are lending their support to a number of impactful data initiatives, creating valuable assets for the public good. Because of these pioneering donors, ISR researchers will create, share, and analyze vital data on the important issues of immigration, civic engagement, and intergenerational economic mobility. Read about these inspiring efforts here.

What will you do to advance data activism?

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