2020 Next Generation Awardees

Institute for Social Research Next Generation Initiative

A. Regula Herzog Young Investigators Fund
Jessica Francis | Postdoctoral Fellow | Life Course Development, ISR
Online health community intervention for LGBT older adults

Angus Campbell Scholars Fund
Sara Abelson | U-M School of Public Health
Enhancing Equity: Assessing the Effect of Higher Education Policies on Student Mental Health and Well-Being

Charles Cannell Fund in Survey Methodology
Tiffany Neman | University of Wisconsin-Madison | Sociology
Question Sensitivity and Respondents’ Race: Patterns in Question-Answer Interactions

CPS Graduate Student Fellowship
Hwayong Shin | Political Science
Can partisans have news and facts in common?: Message, balance, and breadth of news coverage and source credibility

Fabricio Vasselai | Political Science
National, regional and non-national parties: using GIS maps to better measure nationalization and its connection to the geographical distribution of social diversity

Daniel Katz Dissertation Fellowship in Psychology and Survey Methodology
Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton | Program in Survey and Data Science (formerly Program in Survey Methodology)
Use of Balanced Scales as a Practical Solution for Acquiescence Response Style (ARS)

Garth Taylor Dissertation Award in Public Opinion
Princess Williams | Political Science
The Politics of Place: How Southern Identity Shapes American Public Opinion

Erin Cikanek | Political Science
The Emotional Landscape of the American Media & Its Relationship to Public Opinion

Hanes Walton Jr. Endowment for Graduate Study in Racial and Ethnic Politics
Sydney Carr | Political Science and Public Policy
The Right to Bare Arms: Representation of Michelle Obama in Political News Media

Marshall Weinberg Endowment
Jon Denton-Schneider | Department of Economics and Population Studies Center
Colonial rule, gender roles, and HIV in Mozambique

Marshall Weinberg Population, Development and Climate Change Fellowship
Marlotte de Jong | School for Environment and Sustainability
Effects Of Climate Change On Livelihood Insecurity And Development

Philip Converse and Warren Miller Fellowship in American Political Behavior
Ben Goehring | Political Science and Public Policy
Behavioral Foundations of Presidential Accountability

PSC Alumni Support Fund
Arianna Gard | Postdoctoral Fellow | Population Studies Center
Current Methodological Practices in Human Neuroimaging Studies: Sample Size and Representation

Rensis Likert Fund in Research in Survey Methodology
Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton | Program in Survey and Data Science (formerly Program in Survey Methodology)
Use of Balanced Scales as a Practical Solution for Acquiescence Response Style (ARS)

Robert & Judy Marans and Kan & Lillian Chen Dissertation Award in Sustainability and Survey Research
Alexandra Cohen | School for Environment and Sustainability
Sustainability Challenges, Judgments, and Decision Support

Robert Kahn Fellowship for the Scientific Study of Social Issues
Sara Stein | Social Work and Psychology
Towards Intentional Relational Well-Being: Syndemic Contributions of Mental Health, Trauma Exposure, and Sociodemographic Factors to Risk for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Victimization

Robert B. Zajonc Scholars Fund
Nadia Vossoughi | Department of Psychology
Multiracial Identity and Racial Attitudes

Sedona Chinn | Department of Communication and Media
Effects of Civil and Uncivil Scientific Disagreement

The Ronald and Deborah Freedman Fund for International Population Activities
Sarah Patterson | Population Studies Center
Balancing Work and Caregiving for Older Adults

Yang Zhang | Department of Sociology
ICPSR Workshop: Modern Difference in Difference Designs

Heejung Jang | Population Studies Center
Grandparenting and later-life relationships with a partner and adult children

Roy Pierce Scholars Fund
Anil Menon | Political Science
The Varieties of Populists: Populist Strategies and their Implications

Rebecca Savelsberg | Political Science
Women’s Support for Radical and Extreme Right Groups

Sarri Family Fellowship for Research on Educational Attainment of Children in Low Income Families
Elizabeth Burland | Public Policy, Sociology, and Population Studies Center
Postsecondary Decision Making: The Role of Family, School and Financial Aid Provision

Weinberg Graduate Student Award
James Allen | Economics, Public Policy, and Population Studies Center
Investing in Child Nutrition: Evaluation of a Growth-based Anthropometric INcentives (GAIN) program

Elizabeth Burland | Public Policy, Sociology, and Population Studies Center
Postsecondary Decision Making: The Role of Family, School and Financial Aid Provision

Donor Impact

Sara Stein“The winning of this award is significantly contributing to the completion of my dissertation research and aiding in my professional development and evaluation of effective intervention programs, in order to make an important impact in the lives of those who are exposed to relational adversity. Without the help of a support network that included kind and generous people such as you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for this generous funding to contribute to the advancement of issues needed to improve relational well-being throughout the lifespan.”
– Sara Stein,
Kahn Fellow

Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton“Beyond finishing my degree, your support will contribute to starting my professional career as a survey researcher. Thanks to your help, I have the tools to contribute to the survey methodology field and social science in general. For that, I want to reiterate my gratitude for your donation and for believing in young researchers such as myself. Thank you.”
– Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton,
Katz Fellow and Likert Scholar

Princess Williams“During the previous summers while in graduate school, I have experienced many financial burdens as a result of decreased summer funding. Because of this award, during my final summer of graduate school I can focus solely on completing my dissertation and preparing for the academic job market without anxiety relating to my living expenses. I want to thank you for your donation, and I am committed to producing scholarship that makes a positive intellectual contribution to the academy and the world.”
– Princess Williams,
Taylor Scholar

Alexandra Cohen“I believe that research must have an impact; science is necessary not only for an increased understanding of the world, but also to make that world a more accessible, inclusive, and safe place. This fellowship will accelerate and enhance my ability to continue to conduct research, disseminate my findings, and mentor and teach students.”
– Alex Cohen,
Marans Chen Scholar

Erin Cikanek“The funding I received from the Garth Taylor Dissertation Award will allow me to collect public opinion data this summer and hire a Michigan undergraduate with an interest in political science to help collect the data. This will not only benefit my dissertation and help me complete the project, but also allows me to serve as a mentor in the way that faculty in political science and at the Institute for Social Research have mentored me. I am grateful that this award allows me to continue the work that I enjoy and am passionate about over the summer, and it is because of generous donors like yourself that I am able to continue this work.”
– Erin Cikanek,
Taylor Scholar

Elizabeth Burland“In addition to helping me complete my dissertation, I hope to use my research to influence policies that aim to help students make decisions and that give students opportunities to pursue college. This funding will support the timely completion of my dissertation, will result in at least one academic publication which is necessary for opening career opportunities, and will help launch me into a career speaking to both sociological knowledge as well as real policy change. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”
– Elizabeth Burland,
Sarri Fellow and Weinberg Scholar