Do It To Make A Difference

Bill Zimmerman, Research Professor Emeritus at ISR’s Center for Political Studies (CPS), firmly believes that if you choose to be charitable, do so for no other reason than to be kind. “Do it to make a difference, not as a way of tooting your own horn,” he says.

Bill Zimmerman

Bill Zimmerman

It was in this spirit that he created the Ryan Jr. Faculty Fund (named after his mother). In 2013, Zimmerman agreed to have the fund renamed to the Zimmerman Jr. Faculty Fund, in honor of his 50th anniversary with the University of Michigan. “It’s intended,” Zimmerman explains, “to provide some discretionary funds for my successors as Directors of the Center for Political Studies in their efforts to recruit and retain outstanding junior faculty.” The fellowship fund has since received contributions from many of Zimmerman’s former students, who expressed their deep appreciation of, and affection for, Zimmerman.

Current CPS Director Ken Kollman affirms that the Fund has indeed had a significant and incredibly positive impact on the establishment. “It’s perfectly targeted to where great research institutions need the most help and where it is challenging to find other sources,” he says. He adds, “the Zimmerman Fund has been, and will continue to be, a terrific asset for the Institute for Social Research and CPS to attract and retain early-career researchers in the social sciences.”