Data Activism Donors

Pioneering donors making an impact through data stewardship

Andy Gottesman

Andy Gottesman

U-M alumnus Andy Gottesman channeled his passion for supporting immigrants to the United States into a unique and impactful data curation project in ICPSR. Because of Andy’s generosity, previously unavailable data on immigrants admitted to the US was assembled, curated, and made available for analysis to create a vital resource titled Immigrants Admitted to the United States Study.


Researchers from a wide variety of disciplines study civic education, civic action, and the many relationships between the two. When CivicLEADS, an important initiative that provides infrastructure and community for researchers to share high-quality civic datasets, faced a gap in grant funding, an ISR donor stepped in to help. Through their generosity, the donor will sustain the program, connect researchers with data, and facilitate the future of civic education and civic action research.

In 2020, an ISR donor made possible the creation of a massive infrastructure of linked Census data from 1940-2020 for the study of intergenerational economic mobility. The resulting database will link hundreds of millions of individuals and families over generations and will share this data resource with researchers around the world to open up new possibilities across the social and economic sciences. Thanks to this generous donor, the American Opportunity Study will shed light on the factors and realities of economic mobility that previously remained in the shadows.

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