For more than 70 years, the Institute for Social Research has influenced the world in ways large and small by continually evolving the infrastructure of social science research and giving voice to the public. Consequently, both ISR and the University of Michigan have been—and continue to be—magnets for the brightest and best social scientists. Today, ISR scientists formulate, collect, analyze, disseminate, and archive research from around the world. Equally important, they train new generations of scholars and practitioners, who continue the work of advancing social science in the public interest and helping to solve society’s most complex problems.

All of this has made ISR the one place in the world capable of reimagining the social sciences to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Many of the social science methods developed at ISR are used today in business and public policy. Here are just a few examples of the reach and impact of our research.

Our country and the world face new and increasingly complicated problems. ISR is at the forefront in developing new ways of thinking and new methods required to understand and solve these problems, the driving force behind a revolution already underway in the social and behavioral sciences. Here are some examples of the new paradigm being developed by our research.

In the near term, we see global challenges and opportunities that demand purposeful, intentional growth on our part. Building on the inspired leadership, ingenuity, and hard work of three generations of social scientists, ISR will pursue a series of initiatives designed to help solve society’s biggest problems and further our mission of social science in the public interest.

At this pivotal moment in the history of social science, you have the opportunity to play a key role in making this vision a reality.

What will it take to reimagine the future?

Realizing this vision will demand a long-term vision and calculated risk-taking. It will also require a large and sustained investment in human infrastructure, research initiatives, and facilities. And that, in turn, we will need far-reaching and far-sighted individual and institutional donors.

Areas of focus for the next ISR campaign include:

Moving ahead and working together to create the social sciences of the future

Our plan is sound. But achieving our goal of using the best and most accurate social science data to solve society’s biggest problems will require more than effort and determination on our part. It will require the generosity, energy, and aspirations of our friends, corporate partners, and supporting foundations.

We need your help in making this vision a reality. And we invite you join us in this vital work of reimagining and building the future of the social sciences.

With your support, ISR will continue to lead the way as the world’s best academic-based social science institute, dedicated to conducting ever more effective research in the public interest.