Ana Diez-Roux

Americans, who spend more on health care than the residents of other wealthy countries, are far less healthy than people in Canada, Australia, Japan, and 13 European countries, according to a report by researchers at the National Academy of Sciences. Younger Americans are particularly vulnerable, reported January 9. Obesity, heart disease, car accidents, and murders are among the causes of early death in the United States, and Americans are 20 times more likely than residents of the other 16 countries to be killed by a gun. The United States came out well in only a few areas, including lower death rates from cancer, and better management of blood pressure and cholesterol. “Americans who reach age 75 can expect to live longer than people in the peer countries,” the report said. Experts on the panel said an array of factors contributed to the bad showing. “It seems to be a whole bunch of things acting together,” said panel member and ISR researcher Ana Diez Roux.