August 2015

CBS MoneyWatch cited the Health and Retirement Study in “Will retirement make you happier?

Fourteen outlets, including Detroit Free Press, mentioned Vincent Hutchings in “Rubio, Bush face different challenges in first GOP debate.”

Sara Konrath was mentioned by 26 outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, in “Be generous: It’s a simple way to stay healthier.”

Fourteen outlets, including Dallas News, mentioned Elizabeth Armstrong in “Heather Wilhelm: Vanity Fair’s Tinder piece shows how feminism sold women out.”

Sonja Starr was mentioned by BET in “Report: Most Prosecutors Are White, as a Result Blacks Face Harsher Sentences.”

Two outlets, including, cited the Panel Survey of Income Dynamics in “Today’s First-Time Homebuyer is 32 & More Likely to be Single.”

Ethan Kross was quoted in three outlets, including, in “Is social media bumming you out about summer? Here’s how to beat the FOMO blues.”

CBS MoneyWatch cited the Health and Retirement Study in “For many, ‘retirement’ means getting a job.”

The Panel Survey of Income Dynamics was cited by UW Today in “Study: Mixed-race couples with black partners more likely to live in poor neighborhoods.”

Stephen Garcia was mentioned by The Atlantic in “Why Break a World Record?

Two outlets, including WNYC-AM, mentioned Jon Miller in “Pop Quiz: How Science-Literate Are We, Really?