July 2017

America’s Changing Lives was mentioned by The Michigan Daily in “University faculty member finds relationship between employment and access to health care.”

generalspeaking mentioned Mary Gallagher in “Manufacturing Culture Clash.”

The Health and Retirement Study was referenced by Molecular Psychiatry in “A genome-wide association study for extremely high intelligence.”

Micro Port Network mentioned Toni Antonucci in “Dr. Peng Xin: Do not spend a penny on cancer rehabilitation helpful advice.”

Arnold Ho was quoted by The Guardian and three other sources in “Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?

Forbes mentioned Jason Owen-Smith in “Dear New Grads: Put Down Your Phones.”

Research Center for Group Dynamics was mentioned by Blog de Assis Ramalho in “UNIVERSO hosts neuroscience meeting.”

The Financial Times China and two other sources mentioned Ronald Inglehart in “The Roots of Economic Rise of Populism.”

Heather Ann Thompson was quoted by B.L.A.C. in “Did Detroit’s police force learn anything from the summer of ’67?

NBC News and five other sources quoted Maris Vinovskis in “Harvard’s Historic Fox Club Back to All-Male After ‘Provisional’ Membership Revoked for Women.”

Luke Shaefer was mentioned by Opposing Views and one other source in “Food Stamps Plummet In States With Worker Requirements.”

Nature.com referenced the American National Election Studies and Center for Political Studies in “Network Structure Explains the Impact of Attitudes on Voting Decisions.”

Robert Willis was mentioned by Deseret News and six other sources in “Lois M. Collins: How to retire without losing your mind.”

nextavenue quoted Ethan Kross in “6 Reasons You’re Still Having Trouble Losing Weight.”

Luke Shaefer was quoted by Vox and one other source in “Conservative lawmakers think cuts to food stamps won’t hurt anyone. Evidence says that’s wrong.”

America: The Jesuit Review and ten other sources quoted Neal Krause in “Attending church is good for your health. Now what?

Beverly Strassmann was quoted by The Economic Times and one other source in “Attention, ladies! Contraceptive pills can increase risk of breast cancer.”

WorldHealth.net mentioned the Institute for Social Research in “Latest U.S. Mental Health Tracking Survey Shows Mixed Results Of Progress.”

The Institute for Social Research was mentioned by PantherNOW in “Few space programs to blame for anti-science generation.”

Detroit Free Press quoted Ren Farley in “Detroit’s skyrocketing rents threaten longtime shops.”

David Johnson was quoted by OIA News in “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck.”

Sohu mentioned the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research in “9 commonly used foreign papers in English literature database.”

Frank Stafford was quoted by La Tribuna in “Living with the man in your life will cause you to work seven extra hours a week.”

BuzzBry and two other sources mentioned Richard Miech in “USC’s increasing scientific ambitions embrace San Diego.”

Pamela Davis-Kean was mentioned by All Latest News in “ESRC Longitudinal Studies Review 2017.”

InfoSperber quoted Muniba Saleem in “Five times more media reports with Muslim assassins.”

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics was referenced by the Missourian in “GUEST COMMENTARY: Why poverty is not a personal choice, but a reflection of society.”

CNN.com quoted Mike Traugott in “He won. She lost.

Israel Liberzon was quoted by Knowridge in “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): How to get help.”

GushenBBS and three other sources mentioned Ronald Inglehart in “Economic trends tracking (1752) The global economic recovery trend is good.”

Ethan Kross was mentioned by New Voices in “Social Media Was Bad For My Judaism.”

Morningstar mentioned Robert Willis in “UPDATE: Want to keep your brain sharp? Work longer.”

Robert Mickey was mentioned by HuffPost in “The Island States Of America: American Democracy At Risk?

The Missourian and 158 other sources mentioned Kenneth Langa in “Trying to keep brain sharp doesn’t have to be costly.”

Scott Atran was mentioned by 360doc in “The National Science Foundation supports eight studies of defense and military.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune and two other sources mentioned Sonja Starr in “‘I tried to assimilate. And I couldn’t:’ The formerly incarcerated struggle to reenter the workplace. Now L.A. County trying to help.”

Heather Ann Thompson was mentioned by Bridge in “He became famous defending ‘Algiers Motel’ cops. Deal with it.

The Michigan Daily quoted Elizabeth Armstrong in “University researchers concerned by changes to the Title IX proposed by current Department of Education.”

Sandra Tang and Eric Dubow were mentioned by Southern Living in “11 Traits Parents of Successful Kids Have in Common.”

BEAT the GMAT and one other source mentioned Thomas Buchmueller in “Ross Professors Tackle Trump Era Policies.”

Heather Ann Thompson was mentioned by OIA News in “Detroit ’67: 1966 student walkout at Northern a sign of things to come.”

Vox and one other source mentioned Luke Shaefer in “A basic income really could end poverty forever.”

Research by Stephen Garcia was referenced by Quartz in “East and West have opposite views of personal success, according to psychologists.”

The Institute for Social Research and Surveys of Consumers were referenced by RTT News and four other sources in “Futures Suggest Wall Street Might Open On A Negative Note.”

The Institute for Social Research and Surveys of Consumers were referenced by RTT News in “Gold On Track For Weekly Gain.”

The Institute for Social Research and Surveys of Consumers were referenced by RTT News and two other sources in “Dollar Falls Ahead Of U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index.”

WalletHub featured Daniel Keating in “2017’s States with the Most At-Risk Youth.”

Research by Colter Mitchell was referenced by at least eight sources, including Princeton University News, in “At the cellular level, a child’s loss of a father is associated with increased stress.”

Yuen Yuen Ang was quoted by South China Morning Post in “China Climbs on Soft Power Index While Trump Pulls U.S. Down, But the Gap’s Still Yuuuuge.”

The Wall Street Journal published an article written by Yuen Yuen Ang called “Interprovince Investment Revives China’s Growth Rate.”

Sara Konrath was quoted by Zeit-Fragen in “Trojan horse – Digital education – On the way to a conditioning school in a school without a teacher?

NA Confidential published three related blog posts mentioning the Institute for Social Research, including one called “Warren’s bored, hysterical and useless – or, ‘Oops – NA BoW Messes Up.’

Luke Shaefer was mentioned by Vox in “The 2 most popular critiques of basic income are both wrong.”

PBS Newshour and 16 other sources quoted Kenneth Langa in “Scientists endorse these three strategies to delay dementia.”

Sela Panapasa was mentioned by The New York Times in “Native Hawaiians Not Very Healthy, First National Study Says.”

MSN and six other sources mentioned Jacqui Smith and Hannah Giasson in “How self-perceptions of aging can affect health.”

Phys.org and one other source featured Neal Krause in “Krause earns GSA’s 2017 Robert W. Kleemeier Award.”

Rob Stephenson was quoted by POZ in “Motivating At-Risk Youth to Make the Best Decisions in Health and HIV.”

Wine Curmudgeon referenced Monitoring the Future in “Winebits 498: Cheap wine, underage drinking, wine for royalty.”

Monitoring the Future was referenced by The Doctor Weighs In in “What Does Research Tell Us About Marijuana & Addiction?

Elite Daily mentioned Ethan Kross in “Online Dating/Offline Feelings: Breaking Up With Someone You’ve Never Met IRL.”

J.J. Prescott was quoted by Business Wire and 118 other sources in “Veeva Systems Files Suit to Fight Unfair Business Practices That Limit Employee Rights.”

The JAMA Network referenced research by Population Studies Center in “Comparative Outcomes After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Among Black and White Patients Treated at U.S. Veterans Affairs Hospitals.”

Kenneth Langa was mentioned by The Ledger Independent and 14 other sources in “Could lifestyle changes prevent or delay Alzheimer’s?

USA Today College and one other source mentioned Daniel Eisenberg in “Few student-athletes with mental illness seek help.”

The Health and Retirement Study was referenced by Pensions & Investments in “Phased retirement programs still rare, GAO finds.”

New China and eight other sources referenced the Health and Retirement Study in “Three behaviors vital to people’s life expectancy: study.”

Jacquelynne Eccles was quoted by Mile High Mamas in “6 things Parents Can Do to Get Their Daughters Excited About STEM.”

Crain’s Detroit Business mentioned Heather Ann Thompson in “Lawyer who earned fame defending Detroit police in Algiers Motel case recalls legacy.”

Neil Mehta was mentioned by MSN and one other source in “How To Add Disability-Free Years To Your Life.”

Pharmacy Choice and one other source referenced the National Survey of Family Growth in “7/24/17 – Recent Findings from University of Michigan Provides New Insights into Affordable Care Act (The Affordable Care Act, Insurance Coverage, and Health Care Utilization of Previously Incarcerated Young Men: 2008-2015).”