June 2017

Heather Ann Thompson wrote “What’s hidden behind the walls of America’s prisons,” published in The Conversation and 90 other sources.

The New York Times quoted Arthur Lupia in “Has the Democratic Party Gotten Too Rich for Its Own Good?

Martha Bailey was featured by Salon in “As the GOP attacks on birth control increase, a new paper demonstrates its economic value.”

NBC News and one other source published “Editorial: ‘Orange’ is the New Attica on Netflix,” written by Heather Ann Thompson.

JJ Prescott was mentioned by IT Business Net and 36 other sources in “University of Michigan’s Social Venture Fund Invests in Court Innovations.”

Press Release Point interviewed Heather Ann Thompson in “Scales of Struggle: Historians of labor, working class to convene at UW.”

Jason Owen-Smith was mentioned by Morningstar and nine other sources in “Why Remote Work Can’t Be Stopped.”

The New York Times cited the Panel Study of Income Dynamics in “How to Raise a Feminist Son.”

Terri Orbuch and the Institute for Social Research were mentioned by She‘Said’ in “He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Does These 3 Things.”

O Globo quoted Vincent Hutchings in “Former FBI director hearing may lead Republican stampede.”

Ethan Kross was mentioned by The New York Times in “The Benefits of Talking to Yourself.”

Forty-four outlets, including Reuters, mentioned Joy Bohyun Jang in “Teen drunkenness linked to an early grave.”

Paul Mohai was mentioned by Bloomberg BNA in “For Polluted Communities, Data Drives Action; Will Trump Listen?

Three outlets, including The Michigan Daily, mentioned Frank Stafford and the Institute for Social Research in “Study finds women entering workforce crucial to economic growth.”

Walter R. Mebane, Jr. co-authored “Were 2016 vote counts in Michigan and Wisconsin hacked? We double-checked.” in The Washington Post.

Naked Capitalism published “Health Reform in the Age of Trump,” co-authored by Thomas Buchmueller and Helen Levy.

Four sources, including News Center – University of Buffalo, mentioned Health and Retirement Study and the Institute for Social Research in “Cultural background plays role in patients’ decision to have mammograms.”

James Hilton was mentioned by Times Higher Education in “World Reputation Rankings 2017: results announced.”

SFGate and 43 other sources published “Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a school: College admissions in China,” written by Yan Chen.

Ethan Kross was quoted by the Times of India and one other source in “Talking to yourself isn’t just a quirk. It helps.”

The Washington Post and 14 other sources, mentioned Ronald Inglehart in “From polygamy to pornography, Americans are getting more permissive.”

Reynolds Farley was quoted by Michigan Chronicle in “Detroiters in poverty face nearly insurmountable obstacles.”

myScience mentioned Paul Rhode in “Economic recovery elusive after natural disasters.”

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research was mentioned by Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service in “About the NNS Open Housing anniversary series.”

BioMed Central mentioned the National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging in a study called “Changes in perceived uselessness and risks for mortality: evidence from a National sample of older adults in China.”

The Measures for Effective Teaching Program was mentioned by The Emporia Gazette in “Bolin hired by USD 253.”

EurekAlert! and two other sources mentioned Arthur Lupia in “Handbook of the Science of Science Communication published by Oxford.”

Arun Agrawal wrote “To slow climate change, India joins the renewable energy revolution,” published in The Conversation and 42 other sources.

MSN.com and three other sources mentioned Mary Gallagher and the Center for Chinese Studies in “Culture Clash at a Chinese-Owned Plant in Ohio.”

David Dunning was mentioned by Designer Bags in “$2 Million in Fellowships for Improving Public Discourse.”

Mark Tessler co-authored “Palestinians don’t trust institutions. What that means for peace 50 years after the Arab-Israeli War.,” published in The Washington Post.

The Washington Post and nine other sources published “Were 2016 vote counts in Michigan and Wisconsin hacked? We double-checked.,” co-written by Walter R. Mebane, Jr.

Health and Retirement Study was mentioned by Alzheimer’s News Today in “Study Reveals Factors That Increase People’s Fear of Developing Alzheimer’s.”

Winston-Salem Journal cited Monitoring the Future in “National survey finds youth smoking rate at record low 8 percent.”

Healthy Minds Study and Monitoring the Future were mentioned by Newsweek in “Pot on Campus: Marijuana Use Is Up For Underage College Kids.”

TVN featured Richard Nisbett in “There’s still no good reason to believe black-white IQ differences are due to genes.”

Christian Davenport was quoted by Vox in “Is America descending into political violence again? I asked 12 experts.”

The Washington Post published “Duterte has put part of the Philippines under martial law. Here’s how dangerous that can be.,” co-written by Christopher J. Fariss.

Surveys of Consumers was referenced by Nasdaq and two other sources in “Wall Street Aims To Bounce Back.”

Surveys of Consumers was mentioned by RTT News in “Gold Pauses After Recent Drubbing.”

Surveys of Consumers was cited by RTT News in “Crude Oil Steadies Near $45 Ahead Of Rig Count.”

Surveys of Consumers was referenced by RTT News and three other sources in “Dollar Falls Vs Most Majors Ahead of U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index.”

Lawrence University News featured Richard Price in “Lawrence honors eight alumni for achievement, service at 2017 Reunion.”

Robert J. Willis was mentioned by Forbes in “What Could Help Americans Work More Years.”

The Conversation published “Can people ‘like me’ go to college? Inequality and dreams of higher ed,” co-written by Daphna Oyserman.

Surveys of Consumers was mentioned by CPA Practice Advisor in “Consumer View of Economy Remains High.”

Detroit Free Press mentioned Heather Ann Thompson in “Families urge prosecutors to resentence juveniles service life without parole.”

Michael Traugott was quoted by Estadão in “Trump, on suspicion of obstruction of justice.”

Junior College cited Monitoring the Future in “Tobacco use among U.S. students dropped sharply in 2016.”

Matthew Shapiro was quoted by SMI Online and one other source in “Hoisted from the Archives: How Supply-side Economics Tricked down…

Morningstar referenced the Health and Retirement Study in “Bob Barker is one of millions of older Americans who fall – but he’s lucky.”

Lloyd Johnston was mentioned by Vice in “Is Weed Really Being Laced with Fentanyl?

Forty-two sources, including Health Medicine Network, mentioned Muniba Saleem in “When Is It ‘Terrorism’? How The Media Cover Attacks By Muslim Perpetrators.”

Israel Liberzon was quoted by Health Medicine Network and 40 other sources in “Identified brain circuitry bridges neural and behavioral roles in PTSD.”

MITechNews.com mentioned Carolyn Yoon in “Can Humanized Products Like Alexa Meet Our Social Needs?

William Frey was mentioned by The Hill in “Misreading lessons of an evolving electorate.”

Public. mentioned Arun Agrawal and John Bound in “Indian Leader’s Upcoming US Visit: U-M Experts Can Discuss.”

Jenna Bednar was mentioned by Politico Magazine in “A Declaration of Urban Independence.”

Winston-Salem Journal and 323 other sources quoted Jowei Chen in “Analysis shows how gerrymandering benefited GOP in 2016.”

Robert Willis was mentioned by nextavenue in “A Benefit of Working Longer: Keeping Your Brain Sharp.”

Slate and one other source mentioned Jowei Chen in “How to Fix Gerrymandering.”

Arun Agrawal was quoted by GuideToFinances in “Trump Meets Modi: Trade, Visas And Climate Could Make For Tough Talking.”

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education mentioned Megan Patrick and the Institute for Social Research in “Youth Binge Drinking Is Declining But Less So for Black Adolescents.”

Martha Bailey, Jennifer Barber, Daniel Eisenberg, and Alfia Karimova were mentioned by myScience and one other source in “U-M receives grant to study how low-cost family planning can improve women’s lives.”

HuffPost and one other source mentioned Daphne Watkins in “#YouGoodMan: Black Men And Mental Health.”

The Measures of Effective Teaching Study was cited by Education Week in “What Can Make Black, Female Students Feel Valued? Having Black, Female Teachers.

Data attributed to Andrew D. Martin was published by The New York Times in “A Cautious Supreme Court Sets a Modern Record for Consensus.”

CBS Moneywatch referenced the Health and Retirement Study in “Want to retire early? Here’s a few things you should know.”

Heather Ann Thompson was featured by The University Daily Kansan in “Pulitzer Prize-winning civil rights historian to speak at Lawrence Public Library.”

Ronald Inglehart was mentioned by The Irish Times and two other sources in “Economic reasons for rise of populism will not recede.”

The Detroit News and eight other sources quoted Jowei Chen in “GOP election edge fuels gerrymandering fights.”

Arthur Lupia was mentioned by ABC-7 and 105 other sources in “New Dædelus Issue on ‘The Prospects & Limits of Deliberative Democracy’.” 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online and 38 other sources quoted Terri Orbuch and mentioned the Institute for Social Research in “Biologist Discovers Biomarker That Verifies Commitment in Men.”

Research from the Michigan Retirement Research Center was referenced by Forbes in “Debunking 5 Myths About Changing Careers In Your 50s.”

The Washington Post quoted Richard Curtin in “Trump’s victory changed the way Americans see reality.”

A report by Kenneth Langa and colleagues was cited by Scienmag and two other sources in “New report examines evidence on interventions to prevent cognitive decline, dementia.”

Crain’s Detroit Business mentioned Heather Ann Thompson in “50 years later, nonprofits founded to address root causes of ’67 unrest refocus.”

Ronald Inglehart was mentioned by Financial Times in “The economic origins of the populist surge.”

FOX Business mentioned Richard Curtin and the Surveys of Consumers in “U.S. Consumer Confidence Rose in June—Update.”

The Institute for Social Research was mentioned by Pittsburgh Parent in “Make Time for ‘Nothing’.”

DailyMail.com and five other sources featured Beverly Strassmann in “The Pill could be more dangerous than previously thought: Study warns some brands QUADRUPLE levels of synthetic hormones linked to breast cancer.”

Jeffrey Smith was mentioned by giz in “International Conference: What works? Effective approaches to the promotion of youth employment.”

Vox quoted Luke Shaefer in “The return of welfare reform.”

Paul W. Rhode co-wrote “New Data Set Explores 90 Years of Natural Disasters in the U.S.,” published in U.S. News & World Report and one other source.

AAII Journal referenced research done by the Retirement Research Center in “Using Financial Data to Detect Dementia.”

Richard Miech and Monitoring the Future were mentioned by NEO.LIFE in “Millennials’ Sobriety Isn’t What It Seems.”

Phys.org and two other sources mentioned Erin Cech in “Trump supporters believe U.S. society is fair, according to study.”