October 2016

Penza News cited Arthur Lupia in “The first round of debate between the candidates for US president did not reveal a clear leader.”

Sonja Starr and her research were cited in The Wall Street Journal article “‘Ban the Box’ Laws May Worsen Hiring Discrimination, New Research Finds”.

Research conducted at the Institute for Social Research was referenced in a Fusion article entitled “How your partner’s stress can affect your waistline”.

Cosmopolitan mentioned the Institute for Social Research in “The Upsetting Connection Between Your Partner’s Stress and Your Weight”.

The Washington Post published research by Josh Pasek, Michael Traugott, and co-investigator Ozan Kuru in “If my candidate is behind, the poll must be biased”.

The Institute for Social Research was referenced in the Detroit Free Press article “New University of Michigan initiative takes aim at poverty in America”.

Stanford News mentioned the Institute of Social Research in “Sean Reardon will be part of study of Common Core’s impacts”.

The Washington Post cited Catherine Massey and co-researcher’s in “Striking new research on inequality: ‘Whatever you thought, it’s worse’.”

The Journal discussed The Institute for Social Research in “U Michigan to Lead $5 Million Common Core Study”.

The Institute for Social Research was mentioned by Campus Technology in “University of Michigan Wins $5 Million Grant to Study Common Core”.

The Korea Times mentioned the Ronald Inglehart in “Placing populist revolt in its place”.

The Institute for Social Research was mentioned in Inside Higher Ed’s article “Michigan’s ‘Next Step’ in Technology”.

iheartintelligence.com cited Institute for Social Research studies in “25 Things NOT To Say To Your Kids”.  

Kira Birditt and the Institute for Social Research were cited in Epoch Times’ “Your Stress Can Add Inches to Your Spouse’s Waist”.

Paul Mohai was featured in a Scientific American podcast titled “Flint’s Water and Environmental Justice”.

The Institute for Social Research research was referenced by Science World Report in “Researchers Linked Marital Stress To Increased Risk of Obesity”.

Before It’s News cited Kira Birditt in “Older Adults Gain Weight When Spouse Is Stressed Out”.

Walter Mebane was quoted by NPR in “5 Reasons (And Then Some) Not to Worry About A ‘Rigged’ Election”.

Nature quoted Frederick Conrad in “The polling crisis: How to tell what people really think”.

Thomas Buchmueller’s article “How America’s Next President Should Tackle Obamacare” was published by Fortune.

The Washington Post published an article by Mark Tessler and a co-author entitled “Talk of rigged elections undermines democracy”.

The Conversation published Jerry Davis’s “Corporate America’s old boys’ club is dead – and that’s why Big Business couldn’t stop Trump”.

Fusion quoted Sonja Starr in “Ban the box: Why laws to stop hiring discrimination actually make it worse”.