Pamela Smock

Getting married may or may not bring happiness, but it’s likely to bring a strong financial advantage. A February 13 post on Life Inc., an NBC Today blog, cited research showing that a married couple that stays together typically has four times the wealth of a single person. And the advantages are not just financial. ISR researcher Pamela Smock told Life Inc. that the sharing of responsibilities can be a boon for people who are married. For example, one member of the couple might work long hours to get ahead while the other handles things at home. Married couples also are wealthier on average because wealthier and better educated people are more likely to marry. By contrast, Smock said, not having money deters many couples who might otherwise marry because they want to achieve greater financial security before tying the knot. “Those people [who marry] are more likely to be the privileged people,” she said. “And the others, the less well off, are doing family in a different way.”