Rosemary Sarri

Rosemary SarriProposed cuts to Michigan’s state-run juvenile detention facilities bode ill for the system’s worst offenders, according to ISR researcher Rosemary Sarri. Sarri was quoted in a May 30 Michigan Radio piece describing a budget that would reduce funding to Michigan’s three publicly run facilities; the state’s 49 private facilities, however, would get a 7.5 percent increase. Private centers can turn away the most difficult youthful offenders, Sarri said, thus saddling public facilities with the hardest cases. “The overwhelming majority of youth that are currently in the [public] Green Oaks facility came from private institutions that had them transferred to the state because they could no longer deal with those clientele,” Sarri told Michigan Radio. If the public centers don’t have the funds to deal with this tough population, they’re more likely to send juveniles to adult prisons, which “are not a good place to grow into adulthood,” Sarri said.