Sarah Burgard, Sheldon Danziger and Kristin Seefeldt

Sarah BurgardLow-income residents of Detroit and other major cities are being left behind as the economy slowly recovers, and the next generation of poor urban dwellers may face another cycle of poverty unless national leaders do more to provide new opportunities, according to an August 29 opinion piece in the Huffington Post. ISR researchers Sarah Burgard, Sheldon Danziger and Kristin Seefeldt warned that elements of Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s proposed budget—such as cutting spending on food stamps and other programs to aid the poor, and reducing financial aid for lower income students—would further endanger the needy. “Fighting poverty in Detroit and across the country requires not just protecting existing programs that work, but also doing more to promote opportunities for the children and adults whose voices are not heard on the convention floors,” the researchers wrote.