September 2015

Lloyd Johnston was mentioned by 69 outlets, including The Seattle Times in “Study: Pot more a habit for college students than cigarettes.”

CBS News quoted Luke Shaefer in “The surging ranks of America’s ultrapoor.”

The Institute for Social Research was mentioned by WINS-AM in a radio broadcast on 9/1/2015.

WBBM-AM mentioned the Institute for Social Research in a radio broadcast on 9/1/2015.

Helen Levy and Thomas Buchmueller were mentioned by Next Avenue in “The Obamacare Surprise About Retirement.”

The Institute for Social Research was cited by KABC-AM in two radio broadcasts on 9/2/2015.

The New York Times quoted H. Luke Shaefer in “‘$2.00 a Day,’ by Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaefer.”

Richard Nesbitt was interviewed by The Globe and Mail in “Thinking critically about your investments.”

Richard Nesbitt wrote an op-ed published in The Los Angeles Times: “Do you think like an economist?

Reuters cited the Health and Retirement Study in “Why planning to work in retirement is a risky business.”

HeraldNet mentioned Sara Konrath in “Reading about the Wright brothers offers a lesson in empathy.”

Reuben Jonathan Miller was mentioned by two outlets, including Wired, in “How Inmates and Loved Ones Review Jails on Yelp.”

MarketWatch mentioned Christopher House in “Greece will likely remain in intensive care for years without more help.”

Jon Miller was mentioned by NPR in “Scientific Literacy: It’s Not (Just) About the Facts.”

The Detroit Free Press mentioned Michael Traugott in “Republican candidates head to Michigan island.”

Michael Traugott was quoted by U.S. News & World Report in “The Problem with Polls.”

The Week quoted Frederick Conrad in “The rising revolt against customer surveys.”