September 2016

Daniel Kruger was quoted by msn in “The Problem With Renèe Zellweger’s Face Is Us”.

Gerald Davis was quoted by MarketWatch in “This Labor Day, let’s acknowledge why our job-creation machine is broken”.

Before It’s News cited Richard Miech and the Institute for Social Research in “Most Adolescent Vapers Are Not Nicotine Users”.

CNN cited the Institute for Social Research in “Moral Mondays pastor: Trump’s hypocrisy toward blacks”.

Associated Press quoted Stephen Garcia in “The biggest what? Dubai seeks glory in obscure world records”.

The Huffington Post referenced the Institute for Social Research in “Opioid Epidemic Greatly Exaggerated?

The Washington Post published Pauline Jones’s article “Uzbekistan had the same president for 25 years. What happens now?

Sandra Tang’s research was referenced in Business Insider’s article “Science says parents of successful kids have these 16 things in common”.  

Ethan Kross’s research was referenced by NPR in “Facebook And Mortality: Why Your Incessant Joy Gives Me The Blues”.

Nicholas Valentino and Ted Brader were referenced in The Atlantic’s “Fear of a Female President”.

The Institute for Social Research was cited approximately eight times, including in “College students using more pot, but fewer opioids by CBS News.

The Huffington Post quoted Michael Traugott in “HUFFPOLLSTER: Weekend Polls Show Hillary Clinton Leading An Increasingly Tight Race”.

The Institute for Social Research was cited by The Chronicle of Higher Education in “Colleges Embrace Streetwise Tactics to Prevent Substance-Abuse Deaths”.

Helen Levy was quoted by in “Obamacare helping push N.J.’s uninsured rate to all-time low, data shows”.

Richard Curtin was quoted by US News & World Report in “Presidential Election ‘Biggest Threat’ to U.S. Economy for Most Americans”.

Luke Shaefer was quoted by NPR in “Focus On The Growing Economic Disparity in Washtenaw County”.

Bloomberg BNA quoted Helen Levy in “Census: Uninsured Rate Dips Below 10 Percent”.

PBS Newshour published a column by Gerald Davis titled “Column: The rise and fall of the U.S. corporation”.

Richard Miech and colleagues were quoted by Forbes in “Two New Studies Discredit the CDC’s Dire Warnings About E-Cigarettes And Teenagers”.

Before It’s News quoted Kenneth Warner in “More Evidence That Vaping Is Not a Gateway to Smoking.

The Institute for Social Research was cited by Universal Daily News in “Marijuana use popular among U.S. college students, including Chinese Americans”.  

Inside Higher Ed mentioned the Institute for Social Research in “MOOC-based master’s degree initiative expands globally”.

The New York Times cited Andrew D. Martin and colleagues in “How Clinton’s or Trump’s Nominees Could Affect the Balance of the Supreme Court”.

The Wall Street Journal Online mentioned Richard Miech in “Can Breathing Oils and Herbs Aid Calm and Well-Being?

The Conversation published Jerry Davis’s article “When did Che Guevara become CEO? The roots of the new corporate activism”.

The New York Times quoted Arthur Lupia in “The Minivan vs. the Maserati”.

Ronald Inglehart was cited by The New Yorker in “West Elm Gets into Hotels and Gender Politics”.

U.S. News & World Report quoted Katherine Gold in “Doctors Often Neglect Their Own Mental Health”.

Tyler Shumway was cited by USA Today in “Are stocks headed to the moon?”

Bloomberg cited Nicholas Valentino, Ted Brader, and Ashley Jardina in “The Real Reason So Many Americans Oppose Immigration”.

The Conversation published Kenneth Langa and co-author Roger Albin’s article “Why dementia burden may be less than feared”.