Vince Hutchings and Anna Grzymala-Busse

Anna Grzymala-BusseVince HutchingsRace and bias will both affect how people vote this November, according to recent videos featuring two ISR researchers. There is “a default perception” among African-Americans and Hispanics that the Democratic Party is more receptive to their interests and concerns, said Vincent Hutchings. “If [Republicans] want to be serious about attracting Hispanic voters, they have to combat the notion that theirs is the party of intolerance,” he said. Meanwhile, Anna Grzymala-Busse said citizens need to “go outside their comfort zones” and “reach out to the other side of the aisle” in order to be informed and sophisticated voters. Many voters
reinforce their biases by only getting information from like-minded news sites and commentators. Instead, Grzymala-Busse said, dyed-in-the-wool Democrats should sometimes watch Fox News, for example, and committed Republicans should sample MSNBC. Watch their videos at and