Summer Institute Launches New Education Program

The Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques received an award from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to create a new research education program on Responsive Survey Design (RSD) techniques. The program will launch in 2017 with three one-day courses.

Surveys face a number of issues, including declining response rates and rising costs. Survey methodologists are at the forefront of identifying new methods to address these issues. RSD is an emerging new paradigm for approaching these problems. The method has a proven track record of controlling costs and limiting the risk of nonresponse bias across all kinds of surveys.

The new program will provide anyone collecting survey data with an opportunity to learn more about the use of these cutting-edge techniques in practice, beginning with a series of one day short courses. The workshops include:

  • Basic Concepts and Theoretical Background
  • Case Studies in Responsive Survey Design
  • A Management Model for Responsive Survey Design

The program will ultimately offer 10 short courses on RSD techniques by summer of 2018. Financial support is also available. Learn more at or email

Summer Institute Launches New Education Program