Brian K. Min

Research Associate Professor, CPS
Associate Professor, LSA Political Science
Brian K. Min


Brian Min studies the political economy of development, with a focus on the politics of energy, ethnic politics, and civil conflict. His current research asks: How do governments distribute basic public services when budget constraints necessitate their rationing? Using satellite imagery of nighttime lights and other high-resolution geo-coded data available across the entire globe and over time, he analyzes how political institutions affect the delivery of electricity to the poor. His other stream of research focuses on ethnic politics and conflict.

  • RIDIR: The Sub-National Data Archive System for Social and Behavioral Data. (Kenneth W. Kollman, Nahomi Ichino, Brian K. Min, Mai Hassan, Kevin Michael Quinn, M. Anne Pitcher, Robert J. Franzese Jr., Allen D. Hicken, Yuri Zhukov, Walter R. Mebane Jr., Yuki Shiraito, Christopher Jennings Fariss) 2019-2021. NSF.
  • GLOBAL NIGHTLIGHTS PROJECT: High Resolution Electrification Access Data using VIIRS and Human Settlement Maps (2012?2017). (Brian K. Min) 2018-2018.
  • The Political Economy of Power Outages in Ghana: New Measures and Analysis. (Brian K. Min) 2017-2018.
  • Whose Power Gets Cut in South Asia?. (Brian K. Min) 2015-2017. World Bank.