Christian Davenport

Faculty Associate, CPS
Professor, LSA Political Science
Christian Davenport


Christian Davenport's research interests include political conflict, such as human rights violations, genocide/politicide, torture, political surveillance, civil war and social movements, as well as measurement, racism and popular culture. Dr. Davenport is currently working on numerous books: Stopping State Repression (with Ben Appel); In Search of a Number: Rethinking Rwanda, 1994 (with Allan Stam); and, Understanding Untouchability (with numerous authors). He is also engaged in various projects concerning state-dissident interactions in the United States, India and Northern Ireland as well as a global project of Perpetrator-Victim Dyads for 1976-2006.

  • Collaborative Research: An Organizational Approach to State Repression. (Christian Davenport) 2015-2019. National Science Foundation.