Christopher Jennings Fariss

Faculty Associate, CPS
Assistant Professor, LSA Political Science
Christopher Jennings Fariss


Christopher Fariss' core research interest is in the politics of human rights, violence and repression. He uses computational methods to understand why governments around the world choose to torture, maim and kill individuals within their jurisdiction. Dr. Fariss' other projects cover a broad array of themes, ranging from foreign aid to American voting behavior, but all share a focus on computationally intensive methods and research design. These methodological tools, essential for analyzing "big data," open up new insights into the micro-foundations of state repression.

  • RIDIR: The Sub-National Data Archive System for Social and Behavioral Data. (Kenneth W. Kollman, Nahomi Ichino, Brian K. Min, Mai Hassan, Kevin Michael Quinn, M. Anne Pitcher, Robert J. Franzese Jr., Allen D. Hicken, Yuri Zhukov, Walter R. Mebane Jr., Yuki Shiraito, Christopher Jennings Fariss) 2019-2021. NSF.
  • Micro-Foundations of Conflict Escalation (MiCE). (Christopher Jennings Fariss) 2018-2020. Research Council of Norway.
  • RAPID: Quasi-Experiment on the Effect of Disaster-induced Displacement. (Christopher Jennings Fariss) 2018-2019. NSF.
  • Natural Experiments on the Relationships Among Drug Legalization, Crime, Violence, and Political Mobilization. (Christopher Jennings Fariss) 2017-2019.
  • Collaborative Research: Sub-National Analysis of Repression Project. (Christopher Jennings Fariss) 2016-2019. National Science Foundation.