Project Summary

The objective of the project is to conduct the Arab Democracy Barometer (ADB) in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The ADB is a rich, multi-country survey research project that provides data for theory-driven and policy-relevant inquiry for a broader and more accurate understanding of views held by ordinary men and women in the Arab world, and for dissemination and outreach activities that promote political accountability and good governance. The ADB helps policymakers--both Arab and Western--to better understand the current issues, political orientations, and grievances facing the Arab world and specifically the governments in order to better grasp the political and social preferences of their citizens. Administered in 2005, the first wave of Arab Barometer surveys was carried out in seven very dissimilar Arab countries. The second wave (2010-2011) was conducted in eleven countries. Nonetheless, most states of the Arab Gulf--including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates--have yet to be included in the ADB despite the many transformative changes that have taken place in these countries over the previous years. The present proposal aims to fill this gap. It will establish a benchmark for the values and views of Qatari and Emirati people about politics and governance, about religion and its political role, about other countries and international affairs, and about the status of women and gender relations.


Qatar University


  • Mark A. Tessler

Project Period

2014-05-10 - 2017-05-10