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RAPID: Global Dependence of Livelihoods on Forests and the Impacts of Forest Investments: Disaster Recovery in Nepal

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Project Summary

Funding agencies such as the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development spend billions of dollars annually on sustainable development interventions. Their support is delivered either to individual households as private cash or in-kind benefits, or to groups of households and communities as small-scale public goods or technical assistance. But it is unclear which of these forms of support yields longer lasting benefits that may enable households and communities to cope with sudden shocks and disasters. The proposed research will address this theoretically and practically important question in the context of the Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme, a multi-donor funded sustainable development initiative implemented in 21 districts in Nepal since 2012. We will leverage data already collected on 4200 households in the MSFP-project area immediately before the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal by revisiting the same households for post-disaster data collection to assess the impact of the intervention on the earthquake recovery efforts of households and communities.


National Science Foundation


  • Elisabeth Gerber

Project Period

2016-05-01 - 2019-04-30