Project Summary

The Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN) aims to build broad consensus on the core requirements, infrastructure, and components needed to develop a new generation of sustainable interdisciplinary Neuroscience Big Data research. As a network, ACNN leverages community strengths and resources to drive innovation and collaboration for the understanding of the structure, physiology, and function of the human brain through partnerships and services in education, tools, and best practices. Six major universities in the Midwest (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Case Western, Northwestern and Washington U, St. Louis) coordinate the ACNN research, development, training, and dissemination activities. Over 25 other universities, industry partners, neuroscience research centers and hospitals collaborate with ACNN investigators on a wide range or basic science, modeling, analytics and applied neuroscience research.

ACNN identifies barriers to neuroscience data sharing, interoperability, and challenges associated with managing Big Data. ACNN forges new collaborations to establish standards using neuroscience-focused ontologies, incorporate provenance metadata management, aggregate tools, index resources and repositories, and curate and share validated pipeline workflow.




  • Richard D. Gonzalez

Project Period

2016-09-01 - 2019-08-31