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National Center for Pacific Islander Wellness

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National Center for Pacific Islander Wellness

Project Summary

Numerous studies have shown that significant health disparities persist among many underserved racial and ethnic populations, making health equity an elusive goal. Our goal is to create the first National Center for Pacific Islander Wellness (NCPIW) using a "bottoms up" approach of working with Pacific Islander (PI) communities through a trusted source (PI faith-based institutions) to accelerate PI community-centered approaches to improve the lives of Pacific people. The NCPIW approach capitalizes on over 15 years of research and community experience. The NCPIW framework builds on the "unified model" that was adapted in the 2012 Pacific Islander Health Study by the Principal Lead and provides an expansive reach of PI communities. Motivated by a genuine interest in the well-being of this underserved population, the NCPIW approach forges strong relationships directly with PI communities and creates a new system for active communication, monitoring, and dissemination of culturally appropriate prevention interventions for PI community progress.


Kresge Foundation


  • Sela V. Panapasa

Project Period

2016-08-01 - 2018-04-30