Project Summary

This NSF-RAISE proposal, "Neighborhood Environments as Socio-Techno-bio Systems: Water Quality, Public Trust, and Health in Mexico City (NESTSMX)", is a four-year collaborative, interdisciplinary project that brings together methodological expertise in three broad areas: environmental engineering, cultural anthropology, and epidemiology. The combination of these three areas of expertise necessary for our multidimensional approach makes NESTSMX an unlikely candidate for funding within a single NSF program. The overarching goal of NESTSMX is to develop methodological tools to understand neighborhoods as social-technical-biological systems, as well as building on and expanding several interrelated social-scientific, environmental engineering, and epidemiology literatures that seek to understand phenomena as produced through dynamic interlinked systems.




  • Elizabeth FS Roberts

Project Period

2017-09-01 - 2021-08-31