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Fragrance Preference Study

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Fragrance Preference Study

Project Summary

The Fragrance Preference Study is exploring the behavioral, physiological, and self-reported responses to pleasant and unpleasant odors in both realistic settings such as the University of Michigan HomeLab and more controlled settings such as a neutral cubicle. The goal of the study is to better understand people's preferences when it comes to odors. We believe that physiological and behavioral measures will provide more information about the variability in response to scents beyond self-reported measures that may be reflective of an unarticulated dimension of the experience of smelling fragrance. In the pilot we were able to discern the differences between a positive and a negative odor using a variety of physiological sensors and self-report items. In this next study, we wish to take it a step further and discern differences and preferences between additional scents that are more similar (i.e., majority of the scents are considered to be pleasant).


Procter and Gamble Company


  • Richard D. Gonzalez

Project Period

2019-05-14 - 2020-05-13