Linda   Chatters

Linda Chatters

Paula Allen-Meares Collegiate Professor of Social Work, Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health and Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research


The major focus of Linda Chatters’s (she/her) research has been the study of aging as it relates to a variety of social contexts (i.e., the family, church and community), the nature of personal and social relationships (i.e., adult children, church members, kin vs. non-kin) and individual outcomes (i.e., social support, subjective well-being, and perceptions of health status). A particular emphasis of her work has been on the investigation of adult development and aging among the black population using data from a national probability sample of black adults (National Survey of Black Americans). Dr. Chatters holds joint appointments in the School of Public Health (Health Behavior and Health Education) and the School of Social Work. She is co-author (with Robert Joseph Taylor and Jeff Levin) of “Religion in the Lives of African Americans: Social, Psychological and Health Perspectives” (Sage Publications). Dr. Chatters is a Fellow of The Gerontological Society of America, Behavioral and Social Sciences Section and has also recently been designated by Thomson-ISI® as a Highly Cited Researcher™ in the Category of General Social Sciences.

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