The Next Generation Program provides vital financial support to promising scholars at a make-or-break time in their careers. These donor-funded awards have transformative power, bringing peace of mind to their hard-working recipients, catalyzing innovative projects, and honoring the legacy of the pioneering researchers who came before. Your support will give high-potential scholars the early research experience so essential to building successful careers and making a positive impact on our world.

The Junior Professional Researcher (JPR) program is designed for recent college graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in the social sciences. The program offers an opportunity to gain work experience in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment.

Those in the program develop strong research skills working with data, while collaborating with more senior colleagues and project teams. In addition to gaining valuable hands-on experience, the JPR cohort is a community for fostering connections and a welcoming environment for scholars.

The Institute for Social Research is home to many projects that provide opportunities for students to engage in research.

For Researchers Seeking Student Research Assistants:

Would you like to hire a student to assist in your research? Share opportunities on the U-M Student Employment page.

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