Letter from the Director


I am pleased to share the Institute for Social Research 2023 Annual Report. As an organization dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration, this report highlights news and events that have shaped ourInstitute over the past year..

This report provides you with the highlights of our research programs, our efforts in training future social scientists, and the valuable data we have made available for research purposes.

We proudly showcase our research milestones on pages 4-5, including recent projects in partnership with the College of Engineering. This initiative focuses on studying and addressing issues affecting rural communities, exemplifying our commitment to tackling real-world challenges through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Important initiatives, such as the successful launch of our Junior Professional Researcher program, are featured on pages 6-7. This program trains recent college graduates in the necessary skills to embark on a fulfilling career in social science research. Along with our Next Generation Initiative, which awards funding to promising early-career researchers, these programs shape the future of social science research. Innovative programs, including the Genomics for Social Scientists program and the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods, further advance our mission to educate researchers; you can learn more about these programs on pages 8-9.

One of ISR’s founding principles was that sound data are the foundation for public policy decisions. As part of ISR’s scientific mission to conduct and widely disseminate rigorous social science research as a tool for public education and decision-making, we strive to make readily available all information we produce. Our data resources are featured on pages 10-11.

Thank you for your interest in our work. Our aim is to make a difference in society through social scientific research.

All my best,

Kate Cagney
Institute for Social Research

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