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Consumers need renewal of federal aid

Consumer sentiment sank further in late July due to the continued resurgence of the coronavirus, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

“The federal relief programs have prevented more substantial declines in the finances of consumers, partly shielding them from the unprecedented surge in job losses, reduced work hours, and salary cuts,” said Richard Curtin, director of the Surveys of Consumers. “The initial $1,200 payment was mostly saved by the employed as a hedge against uncertainty.

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  • Chichun Fang

    Assistant Research Scientist, SRC-HRS Research Area Specialist Lead, SRC-Survey Research Center
    Chichun Fang's research areas include labor economics, health economics, compensation, pension and wage inequality. His work examines how the … more
  • A.J. Million

    Research Investigator, ICPSR - Membership Archives
    Dr. Million manages social science data at ICPSR with research interest in libraries, public administration, and technology.… more