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Home Sweet HomeLab

The HomeLab, housed within the University of Michigan’s BioSocial Methods Collaborative, looks and feels like a complete apartment. But unlike a home, the lab is outfitted with technology that allows researchers to observe how people live their lives. Learn more here:

Our Centers

ISR consists of five separate but interdependent research centers, each with a particular focus and capabilities.

Faculty Profiles

ISR’s faculty experts conduct groundbreaking and wide-ranging social science research — representing more than 20 academic disciplines. Included below are two examples of the type of work being done by members of our team.

  • Tam E. Perry

    Adjunct Faculty Associate, RCGD
    Her ethnographic research addresses housing transitions of older adults from a network perspective. As health, mobility and kin and peer … more
  • Saundra Schneider

    Research Scientist, ICPSR - Summer Program
    Saundra K. Schneider is the Director of the Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research at ICPSR and Professor … more