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Calculate your neighborhood’s ‘cognability’

sample cognibility map

Does your neighborhood help protect your cognitive health as you age? A new tool, an interactive map developed by ISR researchers, allows you to plug in your address and assess how your neighborhood could support healthy cognitive aging under a theory Jessica Finlay and colleagues developed, called “cognability.” Learn more about this research.

Our Centers

ISR consists of five separate but interdependent research centers, each with a particular focus and capabilities.

Faculty Profiles

ISR’s faculty experts conduct groundbreaking and wide-ranging social science research — representing more than 20 academic disciplines. Included below are two examples of the type of work being done by members of our team.

  • Mary Beth Ofstedal

    Research Scientist Emerita, Population Studies-Administration and Research Scientist Emerita, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
    Dr. Ofstedal is a demographer whose work focuses on population aging. She is a Research Scientist at the Institute for … more
  • Eric F Dubow

    Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research
    Dr. Dubow conducts cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of risk and resource variables in children’s academic and behavioral adjustment. … more