ISR Director’s Office

Kathleen Cagney


Kate Cagney, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, started her role as the Director of the Institute for Social Research in September 2021. Her work examines social inequality and its relationship to health with a focus on neighborhood, race, and aging and the life course. Her general aim is to bring insights from urban sociological theory and methods to research on health.

Thom Madden

Thom Madden

Managing Director

Thom Madden stepped into the role of ISR’s managing director in May 2022. He has extensive experience in higher education administration, guiding institutions in shaping their strategy on finance, research administration, and budgeting.

Katy Mattingly
Administrative Specialist
Phone: (734) 763-3798 or email

Tara Engholm
Assistant to the Director
Phone: (734) 764-9229 or email

ISR Centers

Center for Political Studies

Ken Kollman, Director
Lauren Guggenheim, Research Associate Director
Catherine Seay-Ostrowski, Center Administrator
Phone: (734) 763-1348 or email

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

Margaret Levenstein, Director
J. Trent Alexander, Associate Director
John Lemmer, Assistant Director
Michelle Overholser, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (734) 615-8400 or email

Population Studies Center

Sarah Burgard, Director
Catherine Seay-Ostrowski, Center Administrator
Phone: (734) 764-8354 or email

Research Center for Group Dynamics

Richard Gonzalez, Director
Catherine Seay-Ostrowski, Center Administrator
Phone: (734) 764-8354 or email

Survey Research Center

James Wagner, Interim Director
Helen Levy, Associate Director
Mary Mangum, Assistant Director
Dawn Reed, Administrative Specialist
Phone: (734) 764-8365 or email

ISR Service Areas


Katherine Pearson, Director of Communications
(734) 615-4042
Email ISR Communications


Henry Jewell, Director of Development
(734) 764-8369
Email ISR Development

Human Resources

Leigh Anne Cutcher, Director of Human Resources
(734) 764-4408
Email ISR HR


Kurt Rigg, Director of Business Operations
(734) 763-7824
Email ISR Accounting

Research Administration

Kerri Cross, Director of Research Administration
(734) 647-1367
Email ISR Research Administration

Computing & Multimedia Technology

Marcus Blough, Director of Computing & Multimedia Technology

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