Trivellore Raghunathan

Trivellore E Raghunathan

Professor of Biostatistics, School of Public Health and Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research


Trivellore Raghunathan (Raghu) is a Research Professor in the Survey Research Center at the Institute for Social Research. He is a Professor of Biostatistics at the School of Public Health. He is also a Research Professor in the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland. He served as Director of the Survey Research Center September 2015 – August 2019 and as the Chair of the Department of Biostatistics from January 2010 – August 2014. He is an Associate Director of the Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture and Health (CRECH). He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University in 1987. Before joining the University of Michigan in 1994, he was on the faculty in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington. His research interests are in the analysis of incomplete data, multiple imputation, Bayesian methods, design and analysis of sample surveys, small area estimation, confidentiality and disclosure limitation, longitudinal data analysis and statistical methods for epidemiology. He has developed a SAS based software for imputing the missing values for a complex data set and can be downloaded from

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