Jan   Van Den Bulck

Jan Van Den Bulck

Professor of Communication and Media, Director, Quantitative Methods and Social Sciences Program, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research


Jan Van den Bulck received a BA and MA in Communication Sciences from the University of Leuven in Belgium, an MA in political science from the University of Hull (UK), returned for a PhD at the University of Leuven and later received a DSc in Epidemiology at the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences. He is currently a Professor of Communication Studies and an RCGD Faculty Associate.

As a social scientist Professor Van den Bulck is interested in how people learn from mediated narratives. From about the age of 11 most people realize that a mediated story is not real, and yet our perceptions of medical risks, crime, or procedural habits sometimes appear to reflect the mediated (often fictitious) image of reality.

As an epidemiologist, Professor Van den Bulck is interested in the media as a factor in health. He has had a particular interest in the relationship between media use and sleep. The hardware, content, and use of the media evolve so fast, that this is a constantly developing and changing topic.

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