DEI Implementation Committee

The ISR DEI Committee oversees the implementation of the ISR DEI Strategic Plan, as well as the activities of four working groups that will focus on specific components of the plan.

Working Groups: Recognizing that implementing the ISR DEI plan requires a wide set of competencies and perspectives, and a great deal of time and effort, the DEI Committee will oversee the work of four working groups. The working groups will include representation from all centers and a variety of research tracks, job families and educational programs.

  • Staff Working Group: Focus on DEI-related issues like staff recruiting, development, promotion, and work climate.
  • Faculty Working Group: Focus on DEI-related issues such as recruiting, development, and promotion in research professor and research scientist tracks.
  • Educational Programs Working Group: Focus on DEI-related issues germane to ISR’s educational programs, including the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science, summer programs, PSC training programs, student research assistants, and postdoctoral scholars.
  • Director’s Advisory Committee on Community and Diversity (DACCD): Focus on DEI-related issues germane to ISR community engagement, including ways to facilitate barrier-free participation of all members, interaction across centers, and involvement in broader university and community. Current subcommittees of DACCD include:
    • Physical Accessibility
    • Community and Diversity Lending Library
    • Community Guides
    • Perspectives
    • Social Justice
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