ISR Insights Speaker Series – The American National Election Study: History and Insights from Recent Surveys

July 30, 2020

ANN ARBOR – ISR Insights Speaker Series is a series focusing on the research happening at ISR.

Wednesday, August 12, 11am EST.

Why does America vote as it does on Election Day? Since 1948, the American National Election Studies (ANES) has provided data to inform explanations of election outcomes in the United States. The ANES provides survey data from a nationally representative sample of American adults to give researchers a view of the political world through the eyes of ordinary citizens.

In this ISR Insights talk, Dr. Vincent Hutchings (Professor, Department of Political Science; Research Professor, Center for Political Studies) discusses the history of ANES and why it remains an essential resource for the social sciences. He talks about the study’s approach to data collection and instrumentation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes conducting surveys through a combination of Internet, video, and telephone interviews. Dr. Hutchings also highlights politically-relevant results from recent studies, including attitudes on the Black Lives Matter movement.

This webinar is part of a continuing series focusing on the research happening at ISR. If there is a topic you would like to see featured or have an idea for a future presentation, please email [email protected]. This talk is being recorded and will be shared widely.

CPS Blog: The American National Election Study (ANES): History and Insights from Recent Surveys

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