Journalists, academics invited to The Poverty Narrative virtual conference

June 3, 2020

DATE: Noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 9-25, 2020

EVENT: Join leading academic researchers and journalists from across the country at “The Poverty Narrative: A Midwest Perspective” virtual conference. The free series of interactive webinars will promote in-depth, impactful and solutions-oriented media coverage of poverty issues, with a special focus on the Midwest.

Peabody Award-winning journalist Michele Norris, former host of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” will lead off the series with a discussion with University of Michigan Poverty Solutions Director H. Luke Shaefer on the types of inequality highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers throughout the series will include veteran journalists and poverty scholars.

This series is open to anyone interested in improving the narrative around poverty in the U.S.—from exploring new storytelling strategies to translating complex research for deeper public engagement.

Other session topics include:

  • Re-thinking the Poverty Narrative
  • How to Tell a Story with Data
  • Solutions Journalism
  • Understanding Disadvantage in Rural, Urban and Suburban Places
  • Where Public Policy Meets Real Life
  • Using Personal Stories for Systemic Change

The virtual conference is hosted by Poverty Solutions at U-M as part of the Midwest Mobility from Poverty Network, a group of university research centers focused on providing rapid response data and analysis to community stakeholders and policymakers who want to enhance economic mobility and decrease poverty.

PLACE: YouTube live stream. Visit The Poverty Narrative: A Midwest Perspective website for more details, to register for sessions and to submit questions for speakers.

Lauren Slagter, 734-929-8027, [email protected]
Jared Wadley, 734-936-7819, [email protected]

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