Virtual panel: The importance of the Latinx vote

October 27, 2020

DATE: 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29

EVENT: “Tu Voto, Tu Voz: The Importance of the Latinx Vote”

University of Michigan Latino organization La Casa will join groups from six other Michigan universities and colleges in a virtual panel discussion to educate and empower Latinx on the importance of political participation.

Panelists include former U.S. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois; U-M alumnus Diego Bernal, a Texas state representative; and Michigan State Reps. Vanessa Guerra and Alex Garza.

Joining La Casa are student groups Cultura de Las Razas Unidas (Michigan State University), Empowered LatinX Union (Central Michigan University), Latinos United for Advancement (University of Michigan-Flint), Latino Student Alliance (Western Michigan University), Latinx Student Association (Wayne State University) and Latino Student Organization (Hope College).

“The young Latino vote is important because we are the fastest growing and largest minority group and represent a significant share of eligible voters,” said U-M student Xalma Palomino. “It’s important that we show up to the polls and vote to demand change in the issues that affect our community the most. 2020 is the year that the ‘sleeping giant’ awakens and changes our current political landscape.

“U-M students are politically engaged and motivated. However, often conversations about important topics lack inclusion of Latinx perspectives. Our community on campus continues to demonstrate our power and willingness to engage on important issues. This event highlights the empowerment of Latinx students and shows that we understand the power of voting.”

The event will be moderated by Mara Ostfeld, U-M assistant professor of political science and faculty associate at the Center for Political Studies.

“Young voters make up a much larger share of eligible Latino voters than they do among other ethno-racial groups, but they are also significantly less likely to vote than their older Latino counterparts,” Ostfeld said. “These are Americans with strong, thoughtful opinions on some of the most important issues facing our country and it is important that their voices are reflected in all aspects of the American political process.”

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