The phone number 928-963-1311 you have searched for is part of one of the Survey Research Center studies listed below:

Survey Research at the University of Michigan

If you have been contacted by an interviewer from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research’s Survey Research Center, we hope you will decide to participate. The data collected as part of our studies is widely used by researchers, decision makers and government leaders in the sharing of information and creation of policies that affect all of our lives.

Privacy for Study Participants

All of the research procedures used by the University of Michigan are designed to ensure that your confidentiality is protected at each stage of the research—from data collection to public dissemination. Thorough safeguards are built into everything we do, and all employees who work for our organization sign a Pledge of Confidentiality to adhere to these procedures and safeguards.

Field Interviewer Identification

Whether they contact you in-person or by telephone, all University of Michigan Field Interviewers will clearly identify themselves. In-person, they carry a University of Michigan ID badge which includes their picture and interviewer ID number. If calling to schedule appointments or conduct interviews by telephone, they will identify themselves by their first and last name and provide the name of the study their call is regarding. To confirm the legitimacy of an interviewer, you can call our toll-free line at 1-800-759-7947.

Some of the field studies conducted at the Survey Research Center include, but are not limited to:

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