National Health and Aging Trends Study

Life Course

Project Summary

The overarching goals of this project are:  (1) to promote scientific inquiry into late-life disability trends and dynamics, their antecedents and correlates, and disparities therein and (2) to advance study of the social and economic consequences of late-life disability for individuals, families, and society. To achieve these aims, project has the following goals: Collect data in person from the original NHATS cohort annually in 2014-2018 (Rounds 4-8), including enhanced disability protocol and supplemental questions on consequences including subjective and economic well-being, living and care arrangements, and quality of end of life; biologic samples, some to be assayed to foster study of the link between disability and frailty, and others to be stored for future use; use of rehabilitation services and its link to disablement, and the service environment and related amenities that support older adults in retirement and senior community settings; and add modules submitted by the broader research community that provide additional innovative content and opportunities for harmonization.


Vicki A Freedman

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