The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research conducts research in a wide variety of areas. View some of our recent project highlights or explore them by topic area.

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  • Human Development
    Family & Relationships
    Economic Behavior
    Social Psychology

    Children's Health and Migration

    As migration rates rise globally, this widespread population movement has profound demographic and health consequences, including for children left behind. Migration may be beneficial for a child's health if … more
  • Youth
    Social Psychology
    Data & Methods

    Getting SMART About Adaptive Interventions in Education

    This 2-year project is aims to develop, implement, evaluate and continually refine a training program to improve the science of adaptive interventions in education. The program includes training in … more
  • Youth
    Population Health
    Social Psychology

    Dynamic Links Between Risk Factors, Substance Use, and Consequences: Ages 18-35

    Substance use has acute and chronic detrimental impacts on public health. However, risk for use is not conferred equally across the population, the life course, or birth cohorts. There are … more