Social, Behavioral, & Economic COVID Coordinating Center

Social, Behavioral, & Economic COVID Coordinating Center

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Project Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic presents research challenges for measuring governmental, community, and population responses to a public health crisis. To date, the actions to mitigate disease transmission have been economic, social, and behavioral, as well as medical. These interventions have untold consequences on a wide range of aspects of human and environmental well-being, which we are just beginning to understand. Understanding the effects of COVID-19 require a cross-disciplinary approach with a particular emphasis on inequitable impacts among US subgroups.

The Social, Behavioral, and Economic COVID Coordinating Center (SBE CCC), led by ICPSR, provides a nexus for communication on COVID-19 related research, streamlining information-sharing across the behavioral and social science community, multiple NIH award recipients, and the public. It promotes collaborative work across a multidisciplinary research community, each with different missions, cultures, and ethos. In addition, the project provides teaching materials, data, and opportunities to apply for pilot studies on the impacts of COVID-19 among minority populations.

SBE CCC works with members of the SBE COVID Consortium, a group of NIH-funded teams investigating the social, behavioral, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


SBE CCC is funded by grant 1U24AG076462-01 from the National Institutes of Health.


Maggie Levenstein, John Kubale, James W McNally, Amy Pienta

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