• At the one year mark, you will be asked to share an update about the status of your research.
  • In publications and presentations, acknowledge ISR and this award’s support.
  • The awards are intended to be utilized within one year but can be extended for an additional six months upon request.

Eligibility and Scope

  • University of Michigan junior researchers, research investigators, research assistant professors, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students within SRC
  • Deadline: To be determined
  • Award Amount: To be determined

Application Process

  • Documents required for submission
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Proposal Document
  • If you have any questions about the award process, please contact [email protected]

Previous Herzog Recipients

  • Joelle Abramowitz, 2022 – Understanding work arrangements of older adults in the United States and their effects on wellbeing
  • Noura Insolera, 2021 – Food Insecurity and Social Safety Net Programs in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
  • Jessica Francis, 2020 – Online health community intervention for LGBT older adults
  • Mengyao Hu, 2019 – An Analysis of Memory Effects in the HRS Life History Mail Survey
  • Haena Lee, 2018 – Are Childhood Adverse Exposures a Threat to Successful Aging?
  • Allison Brenner, 2017 – Environmental Barriers and Facilitators of Access to Healthcare for Elderly Stroke Survivors
  • Kate Duchowny, 2017 – Muscle Weakness and Physical Disability in Older Americans
  • Lauren Schmitz, 2017 – Life Course Determinants of Epigenetic Age Acceleration in the Health and Retirement Study
  • Erin Ware, 2016 – The Effects of Measurement Choices on Phenotype and Genotype on Estimated Genetic Contribution of Depressive Symptoms in the Health and Retirement Study
  • Heidi Guyer, 2015 – Sleep and Diet Patterns of Women Aged 50 to 75 with Type II Diabetes
    Apoorva Jadhav, 2015 – The Health and Economic Well-Being of Widows in a Global Context
  • Tara Queen, 2012 – The Influence of Health on Global and Experienced Well-Being
  • Jessica Broome, 2011 – How Interviewers’ Vocal and Verbal Attributes Affect Differential Success in Recruiting Respondents
    Sunghee Lee, 2011 – Cross-Cultural Measurement Properties of the Self-Reported Health Scale
  • Joanne Hsu, 2010 – The Effects of a Member’s Cognitive Decline on the Household Management of Finances
  • Jennifer Ailshire, 2009 – Associations between Neighborhood Social Context and Levels of Social Engagement among Residents
  • Brooke Helppie, 2009 – The Interactions between the Personal and Professional Lives of Early-Career PhD Economists
  • Lauren Hersch Nicholas, 2009 – The Role of Public Policy in Improving Health Care Quality, Health and Retirement Outcomes for the Elderly Population
  • Lindsay Ryan, 2009 – Interindividual Differences and Change in Cognition and Well-Being across Adulthood
  • Ishtar Govia, 2008 – Longitudinal Associations between Women’s Relationships and their Health
  • Jessica Faul, 2007 – The Influence of Life Course Socioeconomic Position on Cognitive Function and Change in Older Age
  • Elena Gouskova, 2006 – The Relationship Between Commuting Time on Health using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
    Sonja Ziniel, 2006 – Influence of Cognitive Aging on Response Strategies with Specific Attention to Behavioral Frequency Measures
  • Leticia Marteleto, 2005 – Divorce and Intergenerational Transfers in the Health and Retirement Study
    Ayse Uskul, 2005 – Systematic Differences in How Questions Influence Responses in Different Cultures
  • Gwenith Fisher, 2003 – The Complex Interrelationships Between Work, Health, and Retirement Choices

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